September 18-23, 2016
Kobe Portopia Hotel
Kobe, Japan


20 May 2016
The Preliminary Program is uploaded on the page “Program”.
10 May 2016
Thank you for PATRAM2016 Sponsors and Exhibitors. Your designations are presented on the page “Exhibition & Sponsors”.
A short guidance to Kobe is uploaded on the page “Location”.
20 April 2016
PATRAM2016 Symposium registration is open. Visit the page for “Registration, Hotel & Tour” to register now. Consequent reservations for the technical tour, the optional tours and the hotels are also available.
18 April 2016
Notices for acceptance of paper to the authors have been dispatched. Any author who has not received the notice should immediately contact to:
A guide for preparation and submission of final papers, presentation materials or posters is available on the page for “Call for Papers”.
1 March 2016
The PATRAM 2016 Paper Selection Sub-committee Meeting was held on 24-25 February in Kobe, and successfully completed to organize preliminary technical session disposition. Authors will be notified for acceptance of the papers by the middle of April. Read more on the page for “Call for Papers”.
The joint meeting of the Technical Program Committee and Liaison and International Committee was also held on 25 February to confirm the status of arrangements for the Symposium.
1 February 2016
The Call for Papers has been closed. Many thanks for submitting your abstracts.
If you have, or had, any trouble in submitting abstracts, please contact:
PATRAM 2016 organizers welcome the World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) as the third cooperative organization.
8 January 2016
Abstract submission deadline is extended to 29 January 2016.
Exhibition spaces and sponsorship are still available. Check the “Exhibition & Sponsors” page.
7 October 2015
Information on Exhibition & Sponsors is available on the page for “Exhibition & Sponsors”.
1 October 2015
Submission of your abstract is ready to be accepted.
Check the page for “Call for Papers” and register your abstract.
27 August 2015
"Call for Papers" has been announced.
Check the page for "Call for Papers".
11 August 2015
In order to avoid conflict with the G7 Ministerial Meeting, the date of PATRAM 2016 has been postponed for a week, i.e., to 18-23 September, 2016 from 11-16 September previously planned.
27 March 2015
PATRAM 2016 web site is now open.
Check the important dates and join us in September 2016 in Kobe.

The International Symposium on Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PATRAM) brings together experts from governments, industries and research organizations worldwide to exchange information on all aspects of packaging and transport of radioactive materials around the globe.